Article 8th November 2021

Big investment in town lights this year and community entertainers will turn out in their hundreds to join in the fun of the Christmas Lights Switch On, Saturday 20th November, 10am to 6pm.

Lots of fun and capers last week for the elves as they completed the first week of the Christmas lights installation throughout the town ready for the Big Switch On, Saturday 20th November. The “Welcome to Helensburgh” feature was hoisted up at 7.30am on Sunday and seventy others were installed by the end of the week including many new features. The seafront lights will be installed this week and the remainder of the display will be completed next week. The Christmas tree will arrive on Monday in Colquhoun Square, kindly donated by Luss Estates and will be installed by M&T Builders Merchants, West Coast Cutters and James Daly & Son.  Patrick Colquhoun of Luss Estates said the company is delighted to be able to contribute to the festive cheer in Helensburgh through the donation of a Luss Christmas tree. However, the majestic tree would be quite bare without the efforts of the Helensburgh Festive Lighting Charitable Trust who work so hard to decorate the town over the festive season and he wished everyone a very happy time at the Switch On event.

Luss Estates Company

All the arrangements are now in place for the Christmas Market and Lights Switch on, Saturday 20th 10am to 6pm, and the Elves would like to issue a very special invitation to all NHS staff in the community to please come and join us in the square next Saturday, we have a bespoke new feature to unveil, kindly sponsored by ACHA, to say a big thank you to all of you who have helped us through Covid for many, many long months. We have a very special young guest who will press the magic button to light up the tribute and we would love to welcome local NHS staff to join with us as Santa leads us through a big “thank you” cheer for you all.   

The programme for the day is a very busy one and we are delighted that hundreds of local entertainers have offered to join in the fun of the day and get everyone in the mood for the big count down.

Programme for the day, hosted by River Radio who will transmit live from the stage throughout the event.

10am Market opens and event begins.  Lots of rides, entertainment and street food.

1000 to 1030  Family fun fitness with “The Journey”

1045 to 1115 Helensburgh Rock Choir

1130 to 1200 LCI Dancers

1210 to 1225 Ian R. McLeod Theatre School

1230 to 1250 Sophie Ramsay, Vocalist

1pm to 1.30 Aspire Academy of Performing Arts

1.45 to 2.15 Hermitage Primary School Singers

2.30 to 3.00 Studio 30, Helensburgh

3.15 to 4.00 Matinee at the Musicals.

4.15 onwards, look out for Santa making a special entrance on a Heritage Fire Engine, and get ready to give him a warm Helensburgh welcome.

Countdown to switch on of NHS Thank you feature and the town’s Christmas Lights spectacle as the square gets dark.

Look forward to seeing you all next week.

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